Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Let the Introductions begin!

Doug Johnson is the author of the poetry books Bardon's Crossing, Fourteen Lines and Three Strikes: Sonnets, and Sloopy's Corner Market. He is also the Owner and Editor of Cave Moon Press in Yakima, Washington. His talents are a huge and welcome addition to this project.

"...The pilgrim sees the white linen with the ikon on it, and starts so violently that his legs give a little skip. This unexpected sight has an overpowering effect upon him. He huddles together and stands as though rooted to the spot, with wide-open mouth and staring eyes. For three minutes he is silent as through he could not believe his eyes..."

-- Chekov from 'The Dead Body'

Brett is the pilgrim and his amazement has brought Chekov and Carver full circle for writers that want to focus intently on 'place' in their writing. He is starting something great for Yakima's poetry community.

Doug Johnson
Cave Moon Press

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